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#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid- Poem: Most fortunate boy in town

Sara reads Gratitude in Covid by young poet Devansh Bookosmia

I sit on my couch, counting blessings that I have,

Amidst the chaos and scarcity, caused by lockdown.

I’m thankful for the gadgets and internet,

That lets me watch shows of my favourite clown.


I thank the grocers for all my food,

Plateful of curries, vegetables and rice.

And not to forget mum’s special treats,

Oh!  my life is really wonderful and nice.


I’m indebted to nurses and doctors,

Who cure patients all day and night,

They risk their lives, to serve others.

No break taken, even for a sip or a bite.


I’m so grateful to the road sweepers,

Who keep the city spic and span.

Sweeping their brooms for hours,

There isn’t a more hardworking man !


I’m lucky to have amazing teachers,

Who make sure my studies continue.

Lesson plans made, assignments sent,

My blessings definitely aren’t just few.


I’m thankful to guards and policemen,

Who keep me safe, without a frown.

Thus this poem goes to prove,

I’m the most fortunate boy in town.

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