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Vatsal Jain

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Be Conscious Not Anxious | Monday Motivation| Bookosmia

Looking for some motivation? Find it here, thanks to 14 year old Vatsal Jain, a Bookosmian from Delhi who shares his thoughts on anxiety, one of the biggest mental health disorders faced by adolescents

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Anxiety is a problem
found in every heart and soul,
Some people try to avoid it,
For some it is all they can cajole.

Getting anxious is not a problem,
It is a parcel of life,
Although it triggers in your life an internal strife.

Students get anxious about their examinations,
Adults get anxious about inflation,
The poor get anxious about their ration,
But what everyone must have is a tad of patience!

Anxiety drives your goals, and eats some up too,
It multiplies your worry,
And divides your happiness into two.
It makes you strive to always do better,
For some it is a privilege,
For others it is synonymous to tethers.

Anxiety, nervousness, worry and fear,
One by one, our grit they try to tear.
But whoever withstands the storm sees the shore,
At the end of it all, waits an exciting furore!

Remaining wary of our worries is important,
So that we never feel less potent,
Dispose fear and be ambitious,
Because you are meant to be conscious, not anxious!


Monday motivation - Be Conscious not Anxious




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