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‘Mission- Ocean Rescue’ Book Review by 8 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

Mission Ocean Rescue Little Einsteins Book Review Bookosmia
Book Reviews with Sara for kids, by kids BookosmiaHello book lovers, your friend Sara here! I love how you are all pouring in your write ups on your favourite books.
After all, if a story is written for young readers, shouldn’t they get to share their review of it?
Here is another one for our little readers, Little Einsteins Mission series is a read aloud story book early education, by 8 year old K.S. Rithik from Chennai.
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K.S. Rithik is very curious to learn new things. He is very interested in science and technology, sports , art and craft apart from reading. He wants to invent something that is helpful for the society. He is a student of NSN memorial Senior Secondary School, Chitlapakkam, Chennai.
Mission Ocean Rescue Little Einsteins Book Review Bookosmia
Title- Mission: Ocean Rescue
Author: Susan Ring
Illustrator: Anna Okabe
Publisher- Disney
I saw this story in a cartoon so I asked my mother to buy this book. I was very happy when she got it for me. This is a fictional story.  After reading the story I realized, it is superb .
In the story, Leo, Annie, June and Quincy went to the beach in a space ship. Annie and June saw the shells singing and it was because of Quincy playing a tune in the flute. The beach was dirty so Quincy sang a tune in his flute and all the garbage went into the garbage bag. Leo saw a baby dolphin caught in a fishnet. Quincy started playing a tune in his flute again. Then the dolphin started dancing and got free from the net. All the friends went to their home in the spaceship happily.
The main idea of the story is to help everyone. The four friends cleaned the beach and rescued a baby dolphin.
My favourite character in the story is Leo because he found the baby dolphin caught in a net. The lead character in this story is Quincy.
The author has written the story very nicely and the illustrations were very nice.
What I learnt from the story is, we have to help others and keep our  surroundings clean. If I could change something in the story, I would have make the spaceship into a car.
My review rating for this story is 5/5.
Recommended age group is 4-8 years. I recommend this story for the age 5 +

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest


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