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Missing School? The School Missed You Too | Bookosmia

Missing school? The school missed you too



Once there was a huge big ground,

Filled with children from every class.

Lunch breaks and Pe classes,

Were truly paradise.


Balls were bounced here and there,

Trees were climbed and laughter was everywhere.

Bells were sounded, it was time to go back.

But no one cared, they’ll be back at 3:00!


Then it happened,

The great big pandemic.

All the way from China it scared away the kids!

Oh what a horrible thing it was,

No one left to play..


And then they learnt,

Plans were underway,

That might open the gates to laughter galore.

Or shut them once again.


How the ground longed for those happy little children.

Who played and climbed and had so much of fun!


Missing school? The school missed you too



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