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How A Compliment Helped Me Make Friends | Mental Health| Bookosmia

Has a word by someone changed the way you think? 13 year old Yashvi Jalan shares her story of how a compliment helped her come out of her shell.

Mental health - How a compliment helped me make friends

Life is an incessant river. During this voyage, we come across mentors who help us realize our true efficiency and make us believe in ourselves. Even my boat which had sailed off its course was redirected by someone.


I often considered myself as a monotonous girl who would always be deprived of friends. By suppressing my personality, I felt I wasn’t capable of forming and nurturing friendships, I lost my self-confidence. Receiving a compliment and lesson as a nine-year-old from my school counsellor changed my life forever.


Afraid that her daughter was getting depressed my mother called for the counsellor. Sacrificing my breaks for the so called ‘remedial’ classes is something I never regretted.


‘You are a lively girl who rejuvenates everything around her’ is what my counsellor said one rainy day when she saw me tackle a crowd of nursery kids who were dejected at not being able to play in the courtyard. Presuming that the teacher had mistaken me for someone else, this phrase took me off guard for an instance. After a moment of self–realization, it struck me that I was the girl referred to in the compliment.


Mental health - How a compliment helped me make friends



Through the counsellor, I was acquainted with some golden principles of life. She quoted to me that ‘Believe in yourself. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.’. She said that anything in life can be achieved with self-confidence. It is true that friendship cannot be bought by money however making friends with those who compel you to suppress your personality for one that isn’t your real self aren’t worthy of being called friends.


Mental health - How a compliment helped me make friends


That day, inspired by her compliment, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and interact with millions of people without reforming my personality.

I learnt that my friends are those who will accept me for the person that I am.


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