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‘Meeting a Farmer’ Essay by 9 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

read with Sara essay on meeting a farmer Bookosmia

We all know the importance of farmers in our society. They provide for most of the food that we find on our dining tables. I was excited when I came to know  that I would be meeting a farmer from my ancestral village.


It was a Sunday morning when I met him. His skin was tanned due to the long hours he spent in the open under the scorching sun. He was dressed in a simple white dhoti and kurta with a big turban on his head. I asked to take a seat but he sat on the floor. I was eager to ask him a lot of questions regarding his life and farming.


As I was from a city, I did not know about farming or his life as a farmer.  Then he started telling me how soil was prepared and how to put a plant in it.  I was curious to know what manure was? He told me that manure was a kind of  fertilizer which helped plants to grow fast. I also asked him how manure was  made to which he replied that it was made out of dry leaves.


He also shared with me that there were times when crops did not grow well  because of less rainfall. During these times, it became difficult for him to  manage his household. However, he managed to stay positive. Then we went  into my garden. The farmer instructed to grow different plants and flowers.  Then he started telling me some facts about plants that he was eager to share with me.


After a while he told that he had to leave and that he would visit me again with some fresh vegetables from his field.


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