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Read with Sara: Story- Loli’s Ice Cream

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One day during the lockdown in the hot summers, a little girl named  Loli was in her house. Her mother was preparing some chocolate milkshake, she drank milk shake. Her little stomach was full but the chocolate milkshake wasn’t  finished. So, an idea came to her mind. I can put it in the freezer, so that it can become an ice cream and I can enjoy really cool  ice-cream tomorrow.


She said to her mother, “Mumma, please put my leftover milkshake in the bowl and keep it in the freezer”.

“Ok dear,” said her mother.

Next day she went to check if her yummy yummy ice-cream is ready or not. Yes, it was!  She was very excited to eat it.

But a problem up came when she was eating the ice cream- it was too hard to eat. So what she did was to take a spoon and started cracking the ice cream so that it can be a bit soft. While cracking a big scoop came
out and the ice-cream became soft.

But before eating she put on some Hershey’s chocolate syrup and decorated it with some gems. Then she enjoyed the ice cream yummy and cold, with her family. She also got to know how to make an ice cream during the lockdown at home from a milkshake.

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