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‘Lockdown and the Magical School’ Book Review by 10 year old A . Hanu Vardhan from Chennai

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Hey book lovers, your friend Sara here!

Today, I am proud to bring this special review-an example of what young minds can achieve when allowed the freedom to express themselves.


Here is a story written by a 7 year old Sanvi from Mysore, enjoyed and reviewed  by a 10 year old A . Hanu Vardhan  from Chennai. Isnt it beautiful what we are created?  ‘Book reviews for young readers, by young readers on stories by young writers!’

Book Reviews with Sara Hanu Chennai Bookosmia


Hanu Vardhan is 10 years old and loves to study in  grade 5 of N.S.N school.He loves playing cricket and  football.
His inspiration in my life comes from his mother, father,teacher and god .
He wants to explore the whole world ans aspires to be a collector .
Read with Sara Lockdown and Magical School Bookosmia
Story- Lockdown and the Magical School
Author-Sanvi, Mysore
Publisher- Bookosmia
I read this story when I searched for ‘stories of Bookosmia.’
When I found this story and read the first paragraph, I found it  interesting  from the beginning itself. The fairies , the magical school , Sanvi , the bad octopus being friends- all made me smile .
Sanvi was the special character in this story. Sanvi is in a fairyland,making  friends with an octopus was the interesting part about the character .
The story theme is about enjoying during the lockdown days by imagining that we are in a fairy land and enjoying there in a magical school. It is relevant as during the lockdown days, children will be bored locked in the home.
When they imagine like this and play they will be happy .
The writing style was superb.
My favourite part of the story is everything, since it is a wonderful story of a girl and the fairyland. I love fairyland so every part of the story was interesting to  me. If readers read this story they will smile and become happy .
In this book I learnt to be happy in lockdown and I understand that imagining our favourite things makes me happy .
If I want to change the book I will add more about her adventures in the  fairyland daily. For example, next day in the morning itself Sanvi went to the fairyland and made more friends , had a party with fairies etc .
I think this story will put a smile on every one’s face. The age group to this book will be above 6+
I would rate the story 5 out of 5*

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest

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