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Vanshil Khemka

7 Years

53 Years

La Martiniere for Boys


Lazy cat, Santa Claus and other Limericks | Poem by 8 yr old Vanshil from Kolkata

How about making a limerick? 8 year old Vanshil from Kolkata shows us how it’s done!

Santa claus - Nice or naughty list?

I am so happy because,

It’s the season of Santa Claus.

I wait eagerly for the gifts,

And will be thrilled to bits.

Wish this time could forever pause.

Pet cat - Grandpa, please come to the rescue!

There was a lazy house cat,

Who always slept on a mat.

She was horrified to see her mat gone,

She realized she was daydreaming in the lawn.

Then she wanted to eat a big fat rat.


There was a boy named Jack,

Who every day had to carry a sack.

To earn some money,

With his best friend Sunny.

But in the process he hurt his back.

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