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KK: Gone too soon| Tribute by a 14 year old

With the passing of KK, the world lost a singer loved across generations. 14 year old Satvika from Bangalore sends in her tribute. Did you also listen to his songs? Do send in your thoughts as well.
KK tribute by teenager bookosmia

Music is the language of the people, regardless of who they are and where they come from. We can’t even imagine a world without music- be it loud rock music or soft classical music. When music is this important, think about the essence of music makers. They are quite literally life savers and stress busters.

So, when we can no longer receive music from veterans and legends like Krishnakumar Kunnath sir, it is a devastating loss to the music industry.

Krishnakumar Kunnath, popularly known as KK, had never really taken any formal lessons in music. He emphasized that it is not important for a singer’s face to be prominently seen, but a singer must be heard. He was passionate about singing since he was a kid. He sang around 3,500 jingles before breaking into bollywood. Now, most teens of today would be hyper conscious about not recognizing this legend’s name immediately, but trust me, I’m sure you’ve heard at least one of his songs.

Not only did he shine with his Hindi hits like Dola Re Dola (from Devdas, 2002), Aankhon mein teri (Om Shanthi Om, 2007), India waale (Happy New Year, 2014), or Tu Jo Mila (Bajrangi Bhaijan, 2015), but he also earned the spotlight in the Telugu, Tamil and Kannada industry, among other languages. Songs like Yelu Bannada(Kannada) ,  Avunu Nijam (Telugu),  Uppenantha (Telugu), and Apadi Podu (Tamil), are all a part of his contribution towards our rich music! I told you, you’d recognize him!

KK’s loss is one of the most heartbreaking losses not only for his fans, but to the music industry as a whole.

However, his songs shall continue to remain major hits, and his legacy will definitely be carried on through us music enthusiasts.

Sir’s amazing music and contributions shall never, ever be forgotten, no matter what the era.

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