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‘Invisible Alligators’ Book Review by 10 year old S. Sivakumaran from Chennai

Invisible Alligator Book Review by kids with Sara Bookosmia

Book Reviews with Sara for kids, by kids BookosmiaHello book lovers, your friend Sara here! I love how you are all pouring in your write ups on your favourite books.

After all, if a story is written for young readers, shouldn’t they get to share their review of it?


Today, 10 year old S. Sivakumaran from Chennai shares the review of a children’s book that teaches children about everyday troubles that shape good habits.

Read with Sara stories for kids by kids Siva Chennai Bookosmia

Sivakumaran is a chess player. He is interested in reading books, especially fiction . Now developing an interest in writing own stories. He is a student of NSN Memorial School, Chitlapakkam, Chennai.



Invisible Alligator Book Review by kids with Sara Bookosmia


Title of the Book: Invisible Alligators

Name of the Author: Hayes Robert 

The story starts in the morning, with the dream of a young monkey named sari.
She thought there is a series of trouble coming her way. From going to her favourite castle to missing her favourite subject algebra II. Later she finds
a lot of alligators under her bed, who are the troublemakers. She asked the  alligator “Who are you?” The alligator said, “I am a troublemaker. Come with me. I will show you what all I did.”

My favourite part is when the Alligator told Sari that we learn more in life because of this trouble. She didn’t think about her troubles any more, just thought about her goal. So she could easily reach the goal.

I think the book is best for age 10+.

I recommend this book to all of my friends and give it  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 star rating for this book.*

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest




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