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Indian Railways : My day at a station|Blog by Anant,13,Howrah

Train travel with all its sights and sounds – so much fun! 13-year-old Anant from Howrah shares what he feels about the railway station’s vibrant atmosphere.

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I was 4 when I first went to a railway station and I was amazed by the hustle-bustle of it. I saw many shops beside the platform and many vendors too. There were posters all around. Although the train horns and the announcements were very loud, they become a melody when heard from a bit far.
Whenever I see a railway station platform, I can feel the emotions of the people seeing their loved ones off with heavy hearts. I even know of some who loiter around waiting to pick the pockets of passengers. I am amazed to see a number of rooms – for hospitality and utility purposes.
To sum up, a railway station has always being a place of mixed feelings to me.

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