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Read with Sara: Indian mermaids on a mission!

Read with Sara Advitha Shimoga Bookosmia

Once upon a time there were many aquatic animals living in the big aquatic  kingdom. There were many fish and mermaids living happily.


The mermaid  princess Shreya wanted to go out far for a swim, and her father,  the King said,“You can go with your two mermaid friends Diya and Maya.” The  three of them went swimming and saw humans throwing garbage in the sea  and the fish sad and dying. They swam back to tell their father the  mermaid king.

The king told them not to go near humans again. Only Shreya the mermaid princess went back slowly to the ship. She wanted to tell the humans not to throw the garbage into the sea. She was not scared at all. She saw a prince in
the ship. He looked kind and handsome.

The mermaid princess, Shreya splashed some water with her tail on the prince to call him. The prince was amazed to see the mermaid. The mermaid princess told the prince that she came from the beautiful aquatic kingdom and the  garbage the humans were throwing into the sea, was killing many fishes and  polluting the sea. She asked him to come along with her into the aquatic  kingdom to see the pollution and the garbage. The prince wore his scuba  diving suit and went into the sea with the mermaid princess. He saw how beautiful it was underwater, but also how dirty the sea had become and how the aquatic animals were suffering. The prince  promised to clean up the sea with his men and also promised that no one  would throw garbage again in the sea.

The mermaid king was very happy and proud of his daughter for saving the  sea and the aquatic kingdom.

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