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Adwaith Menon

11 Years

53 Years

N.S.N Memorial School


Read with Sara: Essay- Keep the beaches clean

Read with Sara by young writer Adwaith Chennai Bookosmia

Every vacation, my parents, brother Kim and I go to Ocean View Cabins, which is a beautiful resort right next to the ocean. This time, we were accompanied by my uncle, aunt and my cousins, Sara and Kymara.

Ocean View was very far, so we kids played rock- paper-scissors and other  games, while the elders talked about politics and other things. Even though it  felt like ages, we weren’t tired when we reached there.


We played in the park which was situated in the centre of Ocean View cabins,  while my parents checked in with my aunt and uncle.All of us kids got a full  room to ourselves!!


We went to the dinner hall to have our dinner. After that, we asked our parents if we could go to the beach. They said, “It is dark now, you wouldn’t be able to  see anything, only hear the sound of the waves… you can go tomorrow kids.” They left saying this.


Kymara said, “Oh come on mom, please,” and started to irritate my aunt. Sara  said, “ Pleeease mom!!”  But my Aunt wouldn’t budge . We sighed and got  ready to leave when my brother Kim had an idea. “Why don’t we go to the pool” he said. We thought that was a great idea.

We grabbed some towels and tubes and ran to the pool. I jumped into it  shouting “CANNONBALL!!!” We swam till our skins got wrinkled and smiled at the turn of events.

The next morning, after we had our breakfast, all of us kids said “Beach time”  and ran to our rooms to take our tubes. We sat in the car and patiently waited  for our parents who were washing up after their meal. When they came out, Kim volunteered to drive (which is something I don’t approve of!!! He had  already bashed our car once into a wall).


My parents hesitated but finally agreed. And that was a BIG MISTAKE they made!  The car’s speedometer never went below 120 KPH.

When we finally reached there, we put on our tubes and ran towards the  ocean. While we were bathing, a group of tourists came and started placing  their blankets on the sand and drinking cold drinks. After some time we  finished playing in the water, dried ourselves and put on our clothes.

But then something strange happened. The tourists threw their empty drinks  cans on the beach. Then they threw leftovers and plastic bags. Then they just  got up and left. I was shocked to see this and started picking up the cans, covers and plastic bags. The others followed me and we finished collecting  their trash.

But then I had an idea, “Guys, why stop here!!  Let us clean the whole beach!! They agreed and by the end of the day we could clean a big part of the beach.  We were exhausted but we were very proud of ourselves. After we reached  the resort, the elders treated us to a grand pizza party!!!

So guys, you should always pick up the garbage at the beach if you see any. Throwing trash like plastic and bottles on the beach is harmful for the  environment and may affect the marine life!!

And sometimes your parents may give you a pizza too for the good work.

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