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9 Years

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Dondero Elementary School

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Independence Day Drawings – Jai Hind! | Bookosmia

Independence day drawings - Jai hind!

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Essay by Aarav SinghHow did you celebrate Independence Day? 10 year old Aarav Singh, a Bookosmian from Portsmouth, USA, made wonderful paintings about India. Check out his art!

Aarav is a student of Dondero Elementary School.



I made these drawings to celebrate Independence Day.
Independence day drawings - Jai hind!
My Nanu (grandfather) who is no more, always appreciated these kinds of art work.
Independence day drawings - Jai hind!
Independence day drawings - Jai hind!
Independence day drawings - Jai hind!

Pet – My dog Simba

I have always loved making art. I have never been hesitant while making art, I just do it and then see my result at the end. Art is kind of a meditation to me, since I’m only focused on making the artwork.


I came up with the drawing after my mom showed me a post from Bookosmia for the artwork. I chose to draw my dog as my subject. He is my best friend and I got him 2 years ago on Friendship Day- 4th of August 2019.


While creating my artwork, at the beginning, I started making a few drafts, but I wasn’t thinking of them as drafts, so I tried to make it look good. I wasn’t satisfied with my first 2, so when I began making this, I looked at my dog, then made the art. While in the course of making my drawing, I had to make lots of tiny tweaks to the body of my dog, and also a ton of tweaks on the head. At the end, I was finished with the drawing and started to add detail (fur, shading, hair color). I was very happy with my final piece.


Independence day drawings - Jai hind!



I didn’t try to make a story, but if I did, it would have been about my dog’s life. I crafted this with 2 different photos of him, one from when he was a year old, and one from now, when he’s 2.

My favorite artwork would be this one, since I worked a lot on this, and I also think that my dog liked the drawing too, and because I didn’t need any help on the drawing.


Independence day drawings - Jai hind!


What I love about this art is that it looks like he is staring back at me, something I know that I have a hard time to incorporate into my artwork: to make it lifelike.


What made me come up with this drawing was watching the Tokyo Olympics archery matches. Again, I have never felt hesitant making art.

I chose this theme because of watching different archery matches on tv, and because archery is cool. I was also hoping India to win.

I felt good throughout the whole process. I felt great after completing it.

Independence day drawings - Jai hind!


What I love about it is that the archery symbol has the 5 Olympic ring colors on it; blue, yellow, black, green, and red.

This picture doesn’t tell a story.

My favorite artwork is the one that I made of my dog, because it really looks lifelike to me.


Independence day drawings - Jai hind!



Independence day drawings - Jai hind!




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