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14 Years

53 Years

Our Lady Queen of the Missions School Salt Lake


‘Incredible India’ Poem by 12 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

Read with Sara Poem by Suhani Khemka

With our valorous soldiers on the ground,
Our mother nation is always crowned,
And old glory is invariably found,
As there is transcendent heritage beneath the ground.

Our sky-scraping mountains,
Or gushing rivers and fountains,
And the lush-green trees all countless,
Makes our pride boundless.

Saffron, white, and green.
With the blue chakra in between,
Shows how our nation is supreme,
And represents us as one team.

I love my nation,
With splendacious locations,
Bewitching hill stations,
And versatile vegetation.

It is our constitution’s birthday,
So, let us celebrate our holiday,
With pride and some ‘hoorays’
Happy republic day!



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