Krisha Nijhawan

11 Years

52 Years

The Millennium School


If I Were The Last Person On Earth

If I were the last person on earth

If I were the last person on earth lasting in its mirth,
I would be the happiest soul who achieved their goal.

I would yearn to mount over hills and collapse underneath the bills.

I would travel far and wide
without any fear or spite.

There would be no one to vie with
nor anyone to guess the unprecedented.

No one would thwart my entry
‘Cause I’ll be the majesty.

But nothing on this earth gives happiness forever
And soon all resources will dry up together.

So no longer do I dream about the day
When I’ll be the last person on this blue piece of clay.


If I were the last person on earth

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2 Responses

  1. Beautiful poem Krisha..One moment the poet seems to be child who wishes to be all n all on this earth but next moment poet is so wise to understand that Nothing can make u happy forever.Goid attempt Krisha

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