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If I were Captain Vikram Batra | Poem | Bookosmia

Do you know the brave Captain Vikram Batra who put his country above everything else? 11 year old Praaptie Mishra pens a beautiful tribute.
Captain Vikram Batra Poem Bookosmia
The fiery flash of guns and splattered countless bloodshed
Even the Kargil mountains stumbled seeing the precious lives lying dead
More glorious can a death be
than wrapped in pride ?
O true sons of soil ! Your selfless deeds
will forever be etched deep inside.
Had I been Vikram batra, I would have been the luckiest person
I would have fought till my last breath and martyred with pride for my beloved nation.
I would fight like a firestorm
in the icy rocks of Kargil
Never would I care about my wounds
but try to make the enemy fragile
The deadly gunshots would never weaken
my lofty spirit
My love for my Motherland is so intense
that no pain could stand before it.
On receiving Param Veer Chakra I would feel
so honoured and dance with joy
Though not in body, the bliss of immortality my soul would enjoy.
Leaving my family behind
I would triumph in the war
Being a true soldier I would happily bear
all the wounds and scars.
Had I been Captain Batra, I would have fought with the same courage and valour
I would have droven the enemies away from Kargil and waved the tricolor.
Death can never be the end for a soldier
who chooses death over life
Had I been Captain Batra
I would love to die hundred times to make my countrymen survive.

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