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“I love drawing, especially mixing colours,” says 10 year old S. Shivani Devi from Chennai

Art with Sara for kids by kids Bookosmia

Sara's Art activities for kids Bokoosmia

Hey everyone, your friend Sara here! Welcome to my colourful ‘Art with Sara’ section.

Here I publish the writings of young artists who not only share their beautiful work, but also manage an equally challenging task of ‘expressing their art.’

Today’s wonderful artwork and thoughts around it, are shared by 10 year old S. Shivani Devi from Chennai .

Art with Sara Shivani Devi Bookosmia Chennai Bookosmia

S. Shivani Devi studies 6th standard in N.S.N. Memorial School. Her hobby is dancing – Bharatanatyam. Her ambition is to  become a doctor. She is interested in arts and crafts. 
In my childhood, while I used to go to Hindi class, my brother used to go to  drawing class.  This provoked a huge interest in me for art. I finally convinced my parents and joined the drawing class.
I loved drawing, especially mixing colours. When I finished the drawing and  started with painting, I would be really happy.
I love art work. Recently, my teacher gave me an activity to paint on a cloth. I really thank her because it made me realize the joy of painting on a cloth. It  was really interesting. This painting is based on Jammu and Kashmir design. In Kashmir the earliest records of this goes back to the 17th century. It was primarily worn by Kings and Royal Courtiers.
Art for kids with Sara Jammu and Kashmir Bookosmia
Painting on cloth is difficult. We have to spread the cloth in order to paint. It was extremely difficult. But, when I finished it, I was delighted!
Here is my favourite painting. I like it because it depicts a calm sunset scenery. I painted it on a canvas board using acrylic paint. This was my first painting on a canvas board. So, it was special to me.
Art with Sara for kids by kids Bookosmia


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  1. Super shivani, you are a star always in every thing. I saw you first time in 4th std and we became friends even I like you and your activities very much keep doing like this shivani . Congratulations………… For your hard work

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