Anooja Nair

12 Years

53 Years

Emirates National School


‘I choose kindness’ Poem by 12 year old Anooja Nair from Sharjah #KindnessDay

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Barriers broken down,
No one knew what it meant.
Discovering pieces of moments together,
Helping those with sincerity.

This kindness is meant.
It grows in heart,
Where the whole journey starts.
Look back from where you came,
It is no game.

Look out for the smile of thousands,
Each and every heart-breaking, shouting.
In a long-endless way it goes,
This is what I know.
Carry options on my way,
Their joy makes my day.
Forgiving every small mistakes,
And every promise that breaks.
All those crashing headaches,
Can never be replaced.

Two option, which one do I take?
I choose kindness,
Cause it is my way.


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