Riyan Dutta

11 Years

St Xavier’s School Doranda


I Ask Why? | Poem by Riyan, 11, Ranchi

Why do we ask why so many times? 11-year-old Riyan from Ranchi wonders. 

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I Ask Why ?


When in summers you say hot

And in winters you say cold

The rains seem wet

Wet! wet! wet!

Why so much drama?

Why not satisfied?

Why humans?

Why? why? why?

I ask why?


Enjoy the summers with some drinks

Enjoy the winters with some soup

Enjoy the rains with some tea


Adapt dear humans

Adapt to change

Why so many tantrums?

Why so much drama?

Why? Why? Why?

I ask why?


You are not animals

You are not God

You are just humans !

You can adapt to change

So why are you still not satisfied? 

Why? Why? Why?

I ask why?

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