Keshav Lodha

9 Years

53 Years

North Point School

Navi Mumbai

I am growing up| Poem by Keshav,9, Mumbai

What is it like to watch yourself grow up? 9 year-old Keshav from Navi Mumbai tells us about his experiences in a delightful rhyme.
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My mother always tells me that you have to follow your principles,

And when you will go to school there will be a principal.

At the age of three I was kind,

Then at the age of four I was sharp of mind.
When I turned five, on my birthday I received so many gifts,
And in my society, there are two lifts.When I was six I went to see the Sambhar lake,
And from the sky were falling snow flakes.

When I was seven, I heard about heaven.

When I got a little puppy, I was very happy.

When I was nine my grandfather gave a traffic police a fine,

And I started writing a line.

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