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How I Made The Best Of 2020 | Bookosmia

How I made the best of 2020

How I made the best of 2020

This was a stupendous year,

I had no hesitation or fear.

The online way was exhilarating,

Guess Who and other games were invigorating.

Me as a bard was quite bedazzling

Writing poems was fun

Even while travelling.

I was enchanted to explore outer space,

Even more, astounded to see Jupiter’s base.

How I made the best of 2020


‘THE DAY CRAYONS QUIT’ – what an exultant story!

Of course,

it was my reading festival theory.

Became ardent reader

of series of TOM GATES,

Hilarious it was,

I doubled up with my mates.

Discovered my knack for keyboard,

Learning cube and coding never got me bored.

Culminated my 3rd grade with a big grin,

Time to ride on the 4th grade bicycle with a gleeful trin trin.

How I made the best of 2020



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