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Hot Summer – Rain And Rainbow Are The Perfect Combo | Bookosmia

What’s best for a hot summer day? A nice cool rain shower ofcourse! 11 year old Krishnav Jhunjhunwala, a Bookosmian from Kolkata writes a beautiful essay about it.

Hot summer - Rain and rainbow are the perfect combo

 It was a hot summer day. Everyone was below a fan and sweat was dripping. All of a sudden, the clouds covered the sun. The sky now was a light shade of grey and the day became much cooler as it started raining.

Hot summer - Rain and rainbow are the perfect combo

The clouds looked like beautiful modern art with the different colours of the sky and water dripping looked like a beautiful graffiti. The silver lining on the cloud made the sky more beautiful. Clouds seemed to be like flowers. Droplets trickled down my window resembling the tears on the face of a crying child. The flowers aroma filled the place, trees were dancing along the wind, flowers were like jewels shining. Children acted like pirates, sailed paper boats in the puddle. The sound of rain dripping incessantly was very pleasant.

Hot summer - Rain and rainbow are the perfect combo

The colour and sound of rain and the trees and flowers swinging felt as if the nature finally was feeling ecstatic and tranquil. I went out and the cold water started hitting my head and the wind made the rain cooler, calmer and more enjoyable. The flowers copied my dance moves.

Hot summer - Rain and rainbow are the perfect combo

I went inside again the birds were chirping and singing in their sweetest voice and purest melody. My whole family was busy with board games. Evening came and the sky became beautiful. It was a lighter shade of purple, the clouds were between the colour of pink and blue. The rain became calmer, the sun came out and the petrichor smell of the nature enhanced the whole view and made the day cooler and pleasant.

The rain stopped and to my surprise beautiful colours exploded in the sky and a rainbow was formed. It looked like some artist’s creative drawing. Seeing the rainbow was the perfect way to end an unusually cool day during summer.


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