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‘Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti!’ Poem by 11 year old from Kolkata

Festivals are a great way to not just celebrate but also learn more about each other.Here is 11 year old Prabhgeet Kaur from Kolkata, sharing a beautiful poem about the importance of this day!

guru nanak jayanti festival with Sara Bookosmia

Guru Nanak Dev Ji, first Guru of Sikhs, was a true mentor,

Those who do not follow his teachings are repentors.
He taught us to be selfless,
By living and thinking only about yourself, life is pointless.
He taught us to always help the needy,
Work hard and never be greedy.
He taught us that there is only one God,
And we should respect all Lords.
He taught us that men and women are equal,
He was against superstitions and false rituals.
He taught us to never run away from struggles,
You won’t get enlightenment by escaping to the jungles.
He taught us equality by starting ‘Langar,’
Ritual of eating together, no matter rich, poor, older or younger.
Guru Nanak expects us to follow his teachings,
Have faith and abide by his preachings.


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