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Happy 40th Birthday, Daddy!! | Poem by 10 year old form Gurgaon

Happy 40th birthday dad, writes 10 year old Avishi from Gurgaon in this sweet poem. Best wishes from all of us too!
happy bday daddy poem by kids

Happy 40th  Birthday, Daddy!!

Daddy, daddy, happy birthday,

I wish you will never go away,

Enjoy your day and the holiday,

As you always take us on a getaway.


Daddy, daddy, happy birthday,

You take us out on a Sunday,

Even if it is a random Monday,

You love me like it’s my first day.


Daddy, daddy, happy birthday,

I love you and you love me,

We like to be free and  cozy,

like to enjoy the old photos from the gallery.


Daddy, daddy happy birthday,

You are my source of light,

Which makes my world bright,

By hugging me really tight.


Daddy, daddy, happy birthday,

You spoil me a lot with video games,

You also got a frame with our names,

You make me learn all the brand names.


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