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Grandparents – A Love Like No Other | Bookosmia

Grandparents - A love like no other

Grandparents - A love like no other

My grandparents are my guide,

Full of wisdom and pride.

They are always on my side,

Whether I am naughty or nice.

We have loads of fun,

And they are my partners,

In all mischief under the sun.

They greet me with a warm hug and kiss

Oh God! Please keep this bliss.

They listen to my whining,

And help me get to the bottom of my problems.

Their claps and cheers,

Help me overcome my fears.

My little achievements are never ignored,

Sweet treats from them are my award.

My grandparents are the best,

And I pray that God’s blessings on them are never less.

I love you Dadi and Dadu.

Grandparents - A love like no other



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  1. This undoubtedly is the sweetest poem I’ve ever read. Keep it up Tarini! All the best to you! Looking forward to reading more from you:)

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