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Good Versus Evil – The Story Of A Magical City | Bookosmia

Good versus evil - The story of a magical city

A great while ago, an incident happened in a magical city called ‘Prikkoths’,. There was a powerful sorceress there who was boastful of her powers.


Good versus evil - The story of a magical city


She was a redhead with freckles on her skin. She was always carrying a wand with her. She would also create illusions for people where they saw an outstanding hotel but when they entered, it would be a haunted dungeon.


She wanted to turn the city people into gargoyles and make them her servants so she would rule on them. But there was another sorcerer in the city who was the most powerful one but never boasted about his powers. He carried a wand and an invisibility cloak which could make him invisible.


Good versus evil - The story of a magical city


One day, with the help of his invisibility cloak, he became invisible and entered the haunted dungeon where people had been trapped. When he came in, he saw the sorceress and began fighting with her. When they were fighting, they touched the closing clock.

The closing clock was a device when touched, would open and the person would be locked in for 10 years. Both the sorcerer and the evil sorceress were locked in. The sorcerer thought it is fine as she will not trouble anyone anymore but here came the twist. The person he fought was an illusion! The sorceress laughed aloud as she saw the sorcerer getting trapped for ten years with her illusion.

Good versus evil - The story of a magical city

She began to get more evil plans started when suddenly the sorcerer appeared before her. She was stunned and thought the closing clock is broken. She opened it and the real sorcerer became free! Then she realized that the sorcerer had also used illusion to trick her. She tried to fight him but he killed her as he had an invisible cloak.


After this, the city of Prikkoth’s was as happy and simple as ever.


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