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A letter to 2021 - vision, dreams and bye to Covid

Dear 2021,

I am looking up to you with great hope! With all that we went through in 2020, I have very high expectations from you.

You have started off with bringing in a new strain of Covid-19 which is ofcourse a very bad sign! I hope that there are no more obstacles in the coming 12 months.


A letter to 2021 - vision, dreams and bye to Covid


I expect you to be a little less harsher than 2020. 2020 was surely a storm in disguise with the Covid-19 hanging around in the air. I am expecting the bare minimum from you, do cure the world from Covid-19 at least by 30 per cent.

I do not want to remain quarantined in 2021 just as in 2020. All I want is people to be free just like they were but with necessary precautions. Good grades has been something that I try to achieve each and every year but 2020 made me realize that there is much more than good grades. An idle brain is not always a devil’s workshop.


A letter to 2021 - vision, dreams and bye to Covid


During the quarantine in 2020, I had ‘free time’ in abundance and during this time I thought about things that had never crossed my mind. Something like journaling, writing long blogs and making a playlist for literally each and every mood. Surely some of them sound a bit silly but then these make me happy.


A letter to 2021 - vision, dreams and bye to Covid


I want to achieve the simplest things in 2021 like having a good sleep schedule, journaling daily, reducing screen time step by step, reading on a daily basis and de-cluttering both my brain and room. My only trick to achieve all of it is by creating vision boards, organizing everything and doing it one step at a time. But I also fear that there will be obstacles in this process due to the academics and assignments from the school. I also fear the new coronavirus strain can land us in trouble.

By the end of 2020, I have emerged as quite a changed person after getting to know about my odd interests and pursuing them. I am eager to see what you bring for me.

Yours lovingly,



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