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The absent minded clown | Funny Story | Bookosmia

Check out this funny tale of a forgetful man who gets mistaken for a clown by 8 year old Bookosmian, Ahaan Sureka from Kolkata. LOL!

Funny story - The absentminded clown

Once, there was a gentleman named Spitnik. He had a problem with directions and remembering things.

One morning, Spitnik headed to the market to get some fresh vegetables, fruits and eggs. He left his home with water, a jute bag ,umbrella and a pack of biscuits. He would always carry these things because he often got lost!


Funny story - The absentminded clown


He started his journey to the market through lanes and bylanes and paved roads. Suddenly, he went towards a crossroad that led him to the Russian Circus. He was awestruck at the colourful tents and forgot where he was supposed to go.

Funny story - The absentminded clown


He went into the arena. With his jute bag, colourful umbrella and ill-fitting clothes, he was mistaken for a clown. He also started dancing with the clown dancers who were exiting the stage.


Funny story - The absentminded clown


Once the clowns exited, the trapeze artists started climbing a ladder for their stunt and in his absentmindedness, he started climbing it too thinking it was the way to the market!
However, when he suddenly looked down from the rope he was walking on, he panicked and came tumbling down. The audience clapped thinking it is a stunt.  He was petrified.
Funny story - The absentminded clown
When the circus ended, he asked around and finally headed to the market but the vegetables were not fresh so he went back home without buying anything.
Spitnik realized that it is too risky to go out alone to buy vegetables hence he decided he will order online from then on.

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