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Prisha Mehra

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Family Day – Meet My Happy Family | Bookosmia

Family Day - Meet my happy family
What a lovely word ‘family’ is.
The people who do not have one are extremely unlucky.
Family is a sign of love, care and prosperity.
We are five people in the family. My parents, grandmother, my brother and I.
My mother is an economics teacher, my grandmother, a Hindi teacher and my father, a serviceman. Though they are busy, I feel like I am loved and taken care of.
My family members are like precious jewels to me. Sometimes we quarrel over dishes on the dining table. My brother is the youngest in our family. I call him a little frisky squirrel. He is very cute and I call him ‘Kiwi’ out of love.
This is the most beloved family I could ever have.
Family Day - Meet my happy family


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