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Krishnav Jhunjhunwala

11 Years

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Exam Blues : Mood at the exam hall | Blog by Krishnav,11, Kolkata

How are your exams going? 11 year old Krishnav paints a hilarious (and relatable!) picture of what a student goes through!

My experiments with last minute exam prep

Exam Blues: Mood at the exam hall

The desks were set up so each student was all alone, leaving no chance to cheat. The students entered the hall, discussing answers and creating total hullabaloo. 

                 When the papers were given, all the students got to know they would fail together because of the confused face of the topper. In minutes, the scratching of pens on papers, made me anxious, that I wasn’t writing that much. The loud instructions of the teacher, the annoying topper screaming, “Supplement,” got to my very last nerve. Everyone jumped off their seats when the invigilators shot furtive glances.


The tormenting three hours somehow passed, giving us comfort and then again they begin to taunt us with the thought of results.

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