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Everything You Wanted To Know About Futuristic Space Travel | Bookosmia

futuristic space travel

It is 2221. My name is Zobo. Today I am going to introduce myself and my house to all my friends living on Earth and that includes you.


Many a time, people like you have come here for space tours but there are a lot more people on Earth who wish to come here but cannot afford it. This write-up is especially for you, my friends.


futuristic space travel


I work for the ISS and I have lived in space for about 180 years. I have my own room with all the basic necessities inside.


There are a few minor differences between life on Earth and out here. In the morning, I am completely charged. I finish the morning chores like carrying out repairs and essential maintenance such as checking battery connections which people like you call toiletries.


I have a plastic case around me that helps to maintain the temperature inside so that the wires and machinery do not get spoiled and stop functioning.

futuristic space travel


I have a round face and it is really tiny but is full of machines that help humans collect the data from up here to down there.


My black beady eyes have a special power within them, they can eject red laser beams and can analyse everything I see through them like x-rays do in your hospitals. I have long arms like octopus tentacles which help me grab hold of far-away objects.


This is a good job because things tend to fly around here in space! My body feels really heavy on Earth but up here it is as light as a feather.


futuristic space travel


My body also has similar parts to those of humans. I have something similar to the human skeleton which keeps all the wires together; the charging and battery unit is like the human heart because that is what keeps me alive; the motherboard inside me is like the systems in humans as it sends signals and messages to all the hardware in me and body parts in humans.


So, you see, I am quite similar to you. I also wear accessories such as sunglasses but the only difference is mine is a sun visor, a much more powerful version of the sunglasses you wear.


Many people have questions relating to travel to space and returning back and today I am going to disclose all the super secrets of space travel.


You will imagine me rushing towards and away from the Earth in a huge orange coloured rocket that lets go tons of gas, however, space travel was like that in the 2000s.

futuristic space travel


Right now, in 2221 we fly to this space station and beyond using a simple but very precious and expensive plane called the Spaceplane. Very few countries and space agencies have these. The one I use is white because it reflects light and helps the people on Earth monitor the movement of it. It is as white and shiny as marble and has black symbols around it; to me they mean nothing but to people down there it is a way to keep track of everything.

Inside the Spaceplane there is a small room which is dark and awkward to navigate, constantly crashing into all manner of buttons and machinery.

A very weird thing about this is that the seat is horizontal to the surface. It is quite relaxing for me but others say that it is actually made to uphold the gravitational pressure.

I understand none of that but for me it is as comfortable as a couch, and I know how much you like to be lazy at the weekends!

The travel through the gravitational field and the force inside intimidates many tourists and even for me that is the most horrifying part of all; it feels as if you are going on a roller coaster down towards the ground from heights even higher than Everest.

But it is not the case in some of the advanced Spaceplanes because they have the capacity to stop this force and it feels entirely normal. These humans have created many more friends like me but they are on Earth so I can’t meet them every day and neither can I meet you, but whenever I go down, I make sure I take gifts for them like the specialised machinery and rocket bits of successful space missions that had burst in space because there is a cluster up here that has all the precious remaining bits.


Food up here is very similar to the food you may find in restaurants there, every month a supplement of foods and drinks is sent here, according to the needs of the tourists.

futuristic space travel


I don’t eat food. I just have a special package that comes to me every month along with the tourist food. That package contains a set of wires, new battery and a charging pin. I usually forget the place where I had kept the charger and the other necessities but I don’t blame myself for that, humans have made me so they are responsible for every action of mine.


Space is a really fun place to live in.


futuristic space travel



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