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Essay- Do aliens exist? #SaraReads

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E.T – Do aliens exist?

Whenever you hear the word ‘alien’ the first thing that comes to mind is  probably going to be some vaguely humanoid figure from a movie. The actual  definition of an alien is ‘extraterrestrial life,’ a hypothetical life which may  occur outside of earth and which did not originate on earth.

Such life might range from simple prokaryotes (or comparable life forms) to beings with civilizations far more advanced than humanity. The million dollar question about aliens is – Do they exist?


An astronomer named Frank Drake devised a mathematical equation in 1961  to approximate the presence of extra-terrestrial life. While his is not a solid  formula for detecting alien life, it provides a base for discussions about the  same.


A 2015 poll showed that 54% of Americans feel confident that extra- terrestrial life exists. That certainty is most likely inspired from science fiction  novels and movies. Fiction notwithstanding, many scientists believe that the  known and also unknown universe is undoubtedly littered with sentient life.


However this does not mean that one day out of the blue, an alien mother ship  will swoop down on us. If life does indeed exist, it is proven, will most likely be  less biologically advanced as the inhabitants of Earth. Also as a further reassurance, if ET existed, he would be living millions to billions of light years away.

To conclude I would say that while intelligent life is certainly a major possibility  owing to the sheer number of celestial bodies, there is less possibility that we  will have some heavenly visitors soon.

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