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Cousins light up our holidays | Story | Bookosmia

Cousins light up our lives in so many ways! 9 year old Pragathi Raymond from Coimbatore narrates this beautiful holiday story.

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Once there was a girl named Tina. She had no sisters, but she had a newborn  brother. She was longing to play with her brother but her mother said he needs to grow bit more.


Tina had two cousins named Maya and her little sister, 5 year old Tanya. And  guess what, they were coming to stay! Tina loved her cousins. Especially when  they came to stay. She also had a puppy named Coco. She wanted to show her puppy and wanted to play with her Barbie dolls. She loved her aunt too.


Finally, after some days her cousins arrived at midnight. She was so happy to  see them. They slept in her bed and in the morning, they got dressed and went outside to play. It was a cheerful morning with the sun shining brightly. They  took their Barbie dolls and made up a little pretend world. They even called their parents to come see it.


Tina realized she had almost forgotten to show her puppy. She called Coco. Maya and Tanya were surprised to see a beautiful chocolate coloured Coco. Maya also told Tina that they have a puppy named Toto. “What a co-incidence. Such similar sounding names too!” thought Tina. Her cousins told her that Toto was black and brown coloured with white spots all over its body. Toto was a bday gift for Tanya.

Their mother called them and said they could watch a movie if they wish to.  Tina couldnt believe what a great day this was turning out to be!  They all  shouted in chorus, “The Wizard of Oz!”

After the movie, they all took an afternoon nap. Tina’s new born brother started crying. She ran to her brother and sang him a lullaby.  He slept and she went to sleep in her own bed. She enjoyed being with her cousins and she loved her little brother too!

Soon it was Tanya’s birthday. Everyone prepared for it. Tanya loved her birthday.She got a lot of presents and cards from her friends and family! Tanya  would have liked to go to school on her birthday, but she was unable to because she was visiting her cousin’s house. But Maya and Tina made her presents. Tanya enjoyed her birthday!

After some time, their mom said that they will be going back in two days. In few days the schools would start. She promised to come back in the summer holidays. Finally the day arrived for them to leave. They said bye with tears.

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