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Read with Sara: Essay-An eventful Dodgeball final!

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It was the final match of the Dodgeball tournament and we were so excited! Who is ‘we’? Well, Sanvi (that’s me) and my team members at Steyn School.

But before I say anymore, I wonder if you have played Dodge Ball? I will tell you how we play the game. First of all, each team has an equal number of players.  Seven balls are kept in the middle and both teams run to get the ball, then they  throw it on the other team. The challenge is to ‘dodge’ the ball and hit a player on the other team at the same time. One by one everyone starts getting
out and the team which has the last player standing, wins the game. Its a very  fun game and you must try it when you get a chance.

Now, back to my story.

The bell rang and it was time for our match. When we reached the ground, the  cones and balls were ready and the other team had arrived. The other team’s  name was Algebre school. They had competed with us in many trophies in the  past but we were still friends. One of their team members, Amy was a good  friend of mine.I was confident we will win the match.

My two best friends Sally and Arya were also in my team. The referee blew his whistle and we started our game. Soon, it was break time. When I was drinking water, all of a sudden a big bad storm came.

Our coach rushed us into a class. In all that running, Arya slipped and fell. We were scared she was hurt and wouldn’t be able to play. We took her to the  nurse and she was really doubtful if Arya would be able to play at all.

We wished the storm would go away so we could resume our game. Just when we were about to call the game off, the sky cleared up and the rain stopped. We all started screaming ‘Yay!’

We ran to the pitch to play our game. At the end of the day we were left with  one player on each team and three balls. It was quite nail biting towards the end.


So much had gone wrong so far – the storm, Arya’s injury! Maybe we were just not meant to win! All of it added to the pressure when it was my turn in the end. I ran to get the ball. I got it and I saw that the player from the other team was slow, so I had a chance to throw the ball….and  it hit! We all screamed in joy!

We had won the match .What a moment it was!

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