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Dragons, where are you?
Dragons, where are you?
Legend says that long ago, dragons roamed the earth.
They were creatures that brought peace to humankind. And in turn, humans would nurse and protect these beloved creatures.
However, over time, humans saw these creatures as newfound threats to society. And so, they began hunting them. One by one.
Naturally, the dragons went into hiding and generation after generation later, people stopped believing in their existence. They wondered if dragons even existed in the first place, if the stories were true at all.
All except for one little girl. Her name was Flora and today was her 673rd attempt at uncovering this mystery.
Dragons, where are you?

After planning for two days and three nights straight, 13 year old Flora had located a dragon’s den in a forest 20 miles from home. She had biked all the way there, only stopping to grab a short snack along the way. At last, she was ready for a forest adventure! But minutes passed into hours and her day was not going great.

“Ugh! This is so frustrating.” Not my day, she thought.

Sighing in defeat, Flora tossed her coat aside and grabbed her water bottle. There was no trace of the dragon den. Suddenly, a pebble bounced off her forehead. She gasped at the sharp pain and demanded to know who threw that.


Dragons, where are you?




Then, another hit. And another, and another.

 If there’s one thing you should know about Flora, it’s that she has a short temper. And so, when the hits didn’t stop, she swung her backpack over her shoulder and chased after the suspect.

“Get back here you!”

Much to Flora’s displeasure, the culprit wasn’t stopping anytime soon. And so, the chase began; over fallen trees and tall boulders.

A lot of time passed and Flora was still chasing the culprit. However, after a while, she groaned. This creature was leading her away from the den’s location!



Dragons, where are you?



Oh no.

Just like that, she stopped and looked around. If only she still had her map.

Suddenly, she heard a movement behind her. Two purple eyes were staring back at her from the nearest bush. After minutes of contemplating, the creature disappeared into the green canopy and with no other choice, Flora ran after it.

Eventually, the shadow disappeared and Flora came to a stop in front of a dimly lit cave.


Dragons, where are you?



Looking closer, she saw bright crystals decorating the rock. Then, she gasped in shock! The creature had lead her to the dragon’s den! The one she had no luck finding… that must mean that the culprit is a dragon!

Flora finally pieced together the situation and raced outside, only to see a large red dragon with purple eyes take off in the sky.


Dragons, where are you?


On second thought, maybe this day turned out to be amazing after all.


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  1. amazing creative writing skill arsheta keep it up
    really i feel that i am watching one animation cartoon show

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