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Dog Tales – Imagine If Dogs Could Talk! | Bookosmia

Dog tales - Imagine if dogs could talk!




If a dog could talk, I wonder what they would say.

I think they would like to learn human language because it will become easy to understand what they want.

If they talk, we will know its real name and what food they want to eat.  They will know their friends and enemies and will be able to tell us where they want to go. They will also talk to us about their feelings and whenever they feel sick, they can come to us, and we can help them.

If dogs start talking, we will know who hurts them at night and we can listen to their hilarious and happy stories. If a dog can talk it will sing for us and tell us bizarre things about their life.

It can show its happiness and excitement by jumping and talking. If someday we are in trouble, they can also bring help for us.

I really wish all the dogs could talk because they are human’s best friend and it will make our life and their life so easy and comfortable.

Dog tales - Imagine if dogs could talk!



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