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Pet tale : A new dog to love| Story by 10 year old Arihaan from Hoshiarpur

Prepare to have your heart melt with this beautiful tale of adopting a new dog by 10 year old Arihaan from Hoshiarpur.

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It was a windy evening. A man named Verma was driving back home, when a dog suddenly ran towards his car. He stopped and came out and was amazed to see such a beautiful dog on the road.

This dog’s fur was white and soft. It seemed to be domesticated and friendly. Verma waited for some time to see if anyone came to take the dog as it was quite dark and lonely. But no one came and it looked as if the dog needed some help.

Verma thought of taking the dog to his home and to his surprise the dog jumped into his car on opening the door. Verma smiled and without any hesitation drove back home. On the way, the dog didn’t disturb Verma at all.

On reaching home, when his wife Veena opened the door, she was surprised to see the dog standing behind Verma. She was a kind hearted lady and welcomed them with a smile. But there was someone at home who didn’t like the guest at all. It was ‘Bruzo’, their shiny, black pet dog. Bruzo started barking and wasn’t ready to let the new dog enter the house.
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Shelly and Rohan, the kids came running from their rooms to see what was happening at the door. They were delighted to see such a beautiful dog. Verma handled everything properly and took the new dog inside. Veena offered the dog some water and food.

It was dinner time and Verma called the family to the dining area. Verma then explained everything. Shelly and Rohan were really excited to get another pet but their mother said that they should search for the dog’s owner. Meanwhile, they decided to call the new dog ‘Snowy’ as it was white and soft as snow. Everybody liked the name. But Bruzo was really angry and didn’t eat food that night.

A week passed but there was still no news of the owner. Snowy was feeling quite comfortable and happy with Verma and his family. Bruzo had stopped barking with hostility but still wasn’t friendly.

As days passed, the family forgot that Snowy was just a guest and didn’t belong to them. The children loved their dogs. Bruzo and Snowy had become best friends. They used to eat together, sleep together and play together. Shelly and Rohan took them for walk in the park daily. Everything was just so perfect now.

After about six months, it was a Sunday morning. The family was enjoying their breakfast, when the phone rang. It was a policeman and he had called  to inform that Snowy’s real owner was coming to pick him up.  Everyone was sad now. The children started crying. They didn’t want to send Snowy back. But their parents consoled them.

The owner reached their home with the police and hugged his dog with teary eyes. He told them that its name is Tommy and it was lost when they were shifting to their new house. Now it was time to thank everyone and say goodbye. Bruzo was also very sad as his best friend was going. Snowy was happy to meet his owner after six months but he was feeling sad too as he was going away from his new loving family.

So finally, his owner opened the car door so that Snowy could get into it. Snowy went in but as soon as he was about to close the door, Snowy jumped out and ran back to the family. When the dog owner saw this, he was surprised but happy too. He said he will not take their dog now and they can keep it with them forever. Though he will visit them sometimes to meet them all.

Bruzo jumped with happiness. The children started dancing with joy. The family was very happy with their two pets and lived a very happy life. It was a happy new beginning.

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  1. A very interesting story. It shows human love for pets. Looking for another such story.

  2. Woww!!! This has been inked so nicely. The emotions of love, care and warmth all depicted so nicely. Keep growing champ!!! Love to you ❣️❣️

  3. Wonderful story and brilliant writing skills. Loved it . Keep up the good work Arihaan. God bless you.

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