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Doctors, Thank You| Poem by Niti,14,Gujarat

14-year-old Niti from Gujarat shares gratitude for doctors, on behalf of all of us, in this poem.

Doctors’ Day - Thank you dear doctors

Dear Doctor,

You are someone who is similar to God,
You gift life by cutting the umbilical cord.
Some of you can fix fractures,
That helps students avoid missing their lectures.

You have patience,
To handle some talkative patients.
Most of you run hospitals,
Where patients are nursed and taken care of.

Some kids are scared of your injections,
They say it is better to have infections!
You treat toothaches,
And remind us not to eat too many cakes.

I want to give you some humble advice,
Please improve your handwriting, it would be so nice!
Instead of making bitter medicines,
please try to put in choco beans.

I belong to a doctor’s family,
I have seen your dedication and emotions,
You work in lockdown without any complaints.
No sundays! No holidays!

A salute to all doctors,
You are brave Corona warriors.
We thank you for your service and care.

They say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away,
For everything you do,
I wish you a very happy doctors’ day.


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