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Arya Chatrath

10 Years

53 Years

DPS - RK Puram

New Delhi

Dear Roald Dahl | A Letter By Arya,10 Delhi

10-year-old Arya Chatrath from Delhi, writes a heartfelt letter to Roald Dahl. Who is your favourite author? What would you say to him/her?

Dear Roald Dahl - A letter by a 10 year old fan

Greetings Roald sir,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to you, an author who has changed the manner in which books have been written especially for children, over the years.

It is amazing that you conquered the sky when you flew a wartime fighter plane and you have similarly conquered the hearts of millions of children with your books. You have been a poet, writer and a novelist who stormed the literary world with interesting stories full of humour, mystery and fun.

Dear Roald Dahl - A letter by a 10 year old fan

The book I have loved in the ‘book nook’ of my house is ‘Matilda’. What I admire about your writing is the ease with which you write from a child’s perspective.

Matilda is a loving, caring and intelligent girl who handles her insensitive parents and tough principal boldly. What fascinated me was the manner Matilda reads books, exercises her mind and develops special powers and how her teacher Ms Honey gives her constant support and encouragement. Matilda’s character inspires other children to read more and more books.

Dear Roald Dahl - A letter by a 10 year old fan

Sir, you balance the good and the bad characters perfectly in your writing. Your books are a gift for a lifetime for any child. They are not only windows for great ideas but also to showcase good language and vocabulary.

Dear Roald Dahl - A letter by a 10 year old fan

I think every child would like to salute you for your contribution to the vast world of books.

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