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Tanvi Nagar

16 Years

53 Years

Delhi Public School


Dear Bully, Your Words Do Not Define Me| Poem| Bookosmia

16 year old Tanvi Nagar, a Bookosmian from Gurgaon pens a powerful poem reminding us that what someone says about us doesn’t define us. Read only at Bookosmia.

Dear Bully, your words do not define me

“Get out of our way, weirdo!” they shouted,
I felt like I was being crushed under a mountain,
My heart pounded in my chest, tears came next,
I felt lonely, fallen and devastated.

They took my specs, flinging it to the ground,
All my tears melted their words into the background,
I hadn’t the will to walk another mile,
Their chains of words bound me to the soil.

Those words resounded in my mind,
So with blood and a little hurt, I would not be confined,
In the barriers of their words- no longer a loner too,
No longer being stung by words, punches and shoes.

Dear Bully, your words do not define me

So that night, when the stars glowed,
“Weirdo!” in my ears was what echoed,
The night sky sneered at me,
It seemed to resonate, “Fatty! Fatty!”

The horizon was caliginous, like my soul,
If only someone said a few words to console,
If someone had said to me that I was not-
‘Weird, lunatic and lost.’
That I was more than a lock without a key,

That you might think I’m weird,
but that does not define me,
That I was a slave of your words
but could always be free.

However hard I tried,
I couldn’t become one of you,
Because I was weird and wonderful,
all through.

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