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Curtain call - Home furnishings that talk!
All of us have curtains in our home but have you ever focused on them particularly?  I think many of us do not because it is just a piece of cloth on door or on windows.
But have you ever wondered what a curtain from the future would say if it could talk? Well, hear me talk!  I am Loona the curtain. I am a special curtain from the future!
If you will see my many functions you will think I am not a curtain. Just covering windows does not suit me because, as you will see in the future I am one of the most important appliances in the house. I can be many things like an AC or heater, tv or a personal assistant.
I have many hidden talents but first let me tell you my history. I am made of cloth, metal, water, and many machines. I was made by the cloth brought from Jupiter. it is called Quard. It is very soft and comfortable to the eyes. We factory curtains are programed and assembled together then sent to the shops.
Curtain call - Home furnishings that talk!
I was resting comfortably in the shop when a family of a mother, father and their daughter Mary gave me a home. I was on 7th heaven.
Mary was a caring person. When anyone felt hot I switched on the cooling mode and when they were cold, I switched on the heating mode.
I was stretchable and portable. When guests come over they moved me into the living room and turned on the waterfall mode.  I was also Mary’s dad’s personal assistant.
Curtain call - Home furnishings that talk!
I would remind him of meetings. All was good until I started to get old and some of my parts started to malfunction sometimes.
One day I faced my biggest nightmare when Mary’s parents decided to replace me. They were sending me to the recycling factory. I was so sad. All my good memories with that family would be erased.
Curtain call - Home furnishings that talk!
Then Mary came from school and asked, “Why are you replacing Loona? She is my best friend. When you go to office I feel so lonely and at that time she entertains me, helps me study and provides me everything I need.”
Listening to this, Mary’s parents had a change of heart and sent me for repair.
After repair, I came home with more strength and energy. I lived a happy life with my family.

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