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Sreshta Varma Pinnamaraju

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Covid Lockdown – Embracing The New Normal | Bookosmia

Covid lockdown - Embracing The new normal

Covid lockdown - Embracing The new normal


I look out of the window and see no one outside,

I want to go out and never come back inside.


But I can’t because of this COVID-19,

Where I get crazy things in my dream.


When I see my friends at online school,

I get all those memories back, they were so cool.


Sitting near the beach, having some lime,

I hope we will see ourselves in this situation, one or the other time.


Social distancing and wearing a mask are new,

We can’t do anything but get used to it too.


Though there are many for us, to guide,

Some don’t listen and many have died.


I get a thought every second,

“Will the doors open again, will this ever come to an end?”


This new normal may be frustrating,

But we have to go through it, that is the duty of every human being


Covid lockdown - Embracing The new normal


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