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Mahit Verma

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Santa’s little helper| Christmas Story by Mahit,9, Kolkata

What if Santa fell ill? Read this creative Christmas story by 9 year old Mahit Verma, a Bookosmian from Kolkata to find out what could happen.

Christmas story Santa Bookosmia

It was only a few days until Christmas and I decorated my tree. I was as confident as the rising sun that my tree was the best across all the seven seas. But something was amiss. People were mourning instead of rejoicing. Nevertheless, I shrugged off the feeling and went to eat cookies.

Little did I know, that back at the North Pole, Santa was not feeling well. Apparently, Santa was taking a morning walk and met had an encounter with a bloodthirsty flogertrumpler. He had fought it off but it had left a nasty gash on Santa’s wrist. Now the touch of a flogertrumpler is like an acid.

Santa was lying in bed helplessly while his band of elves nursed and fawned over him. Mrs Claus had gone shopping for healing potions for Santa and was struck with a blinding thought.

If there was no Santa, how would the gifts be distributed? Desperate, she went to the wild elves who lived in the magical forest of Ruo-Zou. She pleaded with them, “Please help me ”. The elves eventually agreed. In the next two days the gifts were ready and the elves took off with Santa’s band of ever trustful reindeer bringing joy to all the children in the world.

As I woke up and looked at the tree my heart leaped out of my body. I had two ginormous presents. I ripped the wrapping apart and found fabulous gifts like : a remote controlled transforming car and a library full of books in my playroom. Meanwhile, at the North Pole, Santa was better and was listening to the tale of what happened from Mrs Claus. When he had heard it all he leaped up and hugged the elves tightly and out came out the famous ‘Ho!Ho!Ho!’ and the biggest sigh of relief and joy . And that is how the giving spirit was back in business.

christmas gift bookosmia

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