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Celebrating Christmas post pandemic | Poem by Anushka,14,Delhi

14 year old Anushka writes about a new Christmas after the COVID-19 pandemic in this poem. How was your Christmas and New Year?

Mask christmas during COVID Bookosmia
Celebrating Christmas post pandemic
The arrival of December brings us a ray of hope,
To fulfill all our wishes that we’ve put on hold,
demanding Santa to make us bold,
or to bring us a bunch of dolls.The arrival of winter heralds a time of joy,
That is, a new season to enjoy,
We all celebrate Christmas with great enthusiasm,
Leaving aside all our other business.

Celebrating and waiting for Santa in this winter is the only desire,
Spreading happiness amidst the sweet melodious sound of bells,
And baking cakes to eat, not sell.

Christmas is here and so are our red socks,
demanding not only gifts,
but a new normal to relish with our peers.

Relax! This time we need not lock our doors for Santa,
But should be awake on his arrival,
So that we can sanitize his five fingers,
Making our homes safe from danger.

Nevertheless, this opportunity is quite welcoming,
as this will allow us to meet him gladly,
Finally, I will see the red man in real,

His appearance to me will finally be clear.

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