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Anavadhya DS

11 Years

53 Years

St Mary's Central School


Cartoons- Why We Must Watch Them| Blog by 11 year old from Trivandrum

Love cartoons? Me too! But they are so much more than just entertainment, writes 11 year old Anavadhya from Trivandrum.

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“Why are you always watching cartoons? Go and study what your teacher taught you today.”

How many of you have heard these words from your parents? How many of you have eagerly waited for your cartoon to get started on tv? I am one of them.

I am from Kerala and watch both Malayalam and English cartoons. One of my favorite shows is Baalveer. It’s a Hindi language show which I watch in Malayalam from 2018 onwards. I hope all of you have watched Baalveer. Sorry we are diverting from the topic!

I want to ask you a question. Why do children love watching cartoons?

My opinion is that childhood is a time when we don’t know about anything, but after watching cartoons, kids get to know about the world. Well, not exactly the real world but it teaches them many new concepts.

Cartoons can also work like a medicine. Have you noticed that when we see cartoons we laugh aloud! That’s great for our health. It also creates curiosity in us to know different things.

I also love animation movies. The whole world knows Walt Disney.  I love watching Disney movies. It makes me think of Walt Disney who was such a great personality. He believed in himself and he showed his animated movies to the world.

Today we all love to watch the movies made by those who carried on his legacy.

So cartoons aren’t just something to watch for entertainment but a great way to destress. I recommend it to everyone, even adults!

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  1. Totally agree with you , Anavadhya . Even at 55, I love watching cartoons & animation movies . Encanto was the last one I watched . Loved it .

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