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Aanya Khetan

8 Years

Lakshmipat Singhania Academy


Best friends, forgive and forget| Story | Bookosmia

We all squabble and fight with friends and family. Sometime or the other. But what keeps us together? Our willingness to forgive and forget, says 7 year old Aanya Khetan from Kolkata.

Best friends story Read with Sara Bookosmia

Nisha is my best friend.


One day, she came to my house to meet me.

She did not see the laptop and sat on it. I got angry shouted at her.


But soon, I realized my mistake.

When she stood up to go, I calmed her that the laptop did not break.

I forgave her and she forgot what just happened. We became best friends again!

We still both work and play together.

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