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Best Dinner Surprise – The Tale Of The Lobster And The Worm | Bookosmia

Best dinner surprise - The tale of the lobster and the worm



“You are invited for a dinner at half past six”

I read untying the handmade red scroll

For in their Lakshadweep bungalow,

The Sinha’s had renovated the dining hall.


Though the clock ticked just quarter to 3

Yet I thought to start soon, however close it may be

“Probably I would drive my way

And stop to give a glance at the sea.”


On the beach was a stretch of light brown sand

When my eyes fell on a tiny lump of a similar hue

Right next to my foot, I felt a wiggle

“Be careful Mr. worm! I could have stepped on you.”


Needless to say, I was unanswered

How could a worm ever speak?

And even if it did, his voice wouldn’t reach me;

After all, for him, I was like a mountain’s peak.


“Why can’t you walk safely, away from us?

Aren’t you aware of your position in the food chain

And so look out for the hungry lobsters

If you don’t want to lose your ant-sized life in vain.”


I reached the luxurious grand bungalow

At least 10 to 15 minutes early;

The dining table was ready and so was the hall

Draped in colorful ribbons, some straight, some curly.


“Please have a seat”, proposed Mrs. Sinha

Setting the plates and the tablecloth.

The entrees started to be served

Juices, fries, jellies, manchurian and lobster broth.


All of a sudden a thought struck me

The lobster probably has the worm in his belly

The worm is what helped the lobster survive

And now would go in mine along the coke and jelly.


I enjoyed the meal and the musical evening

But that little insect on the beach – made my thoughts messy

I ended the meal and gave a break to my reasonings

Finally saying, “Thank you Mr. Worm for this delicacy.”



Best dinner surprise - The tale of the lobster and the worm



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