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‘Believe In Yourself, Said Gandhiji’ Story by 9 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

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“Believe in yourself”, said Gandhi. He believed in himself and shared this knowledge with all his followers. I know its true that believing in myself does a lot and so, I have shared this real-life story with you.

In third grade, I was best known in my class for art and craft and, because of this when there was an interschool drawing contest, I was chosen to represent my school. Of course, I wasn’t the only one from school and there were other fellow pupils with me but were older than me. When my parents drove me to this competition, I was all nervous and shaking. I had to draw about kindness and how we should help other people elder than us. That was the topic which was declared and so I began drawing a girl helping her grandma and carrying her groceries all the way home. When I was finished, I inspected my drawing carefully and believed that I would win.

The results were on the same day and my parents and I sat down on chairs that were placed in a long room. They announced the person’s name who had won the third prize and then the second. I believed that I still had a chance at winning and I did win a trophy for the first prize!! My parents were so happy that they cried with joy!. It was true after all that believing in yourself is the strongest confidence one can ever have! And that is what made me think positive at all times and made me get my act together too!


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